Shipping Services in Utah: Various Categories of Ships

Businesses must ensure that their services are readily available to enlarge their territory and maximize on profits. Where a business does not have a physical presence, transportation of products needs to be considered. This has created the need for creation of companies that offer shipping services in Utah.

Such companies ease the transportation of products thus minimizing the operating costs involved in temporary sales to distant customers. Since trade is commonly bilateral, individuals may also purchase products and have them shipped from the supplier.

The amount and type of load determine the type of ship to transport the goods. Various merchant ships in use can be categorized into:

Bulk carriers

These cargo ships carry a heavy load that may include ore, crude oil or non-perishable food supplies. They usually have one or more large boxes that can slide outwards to facilitate loading and off-loading. They are very common in deep water bodies like sea and ocean.

Container ships

These ships carry the cargo that is loaded in containers. This type is very common and constitutes the largest portion of shipping modes. They usually have crews of about 10 to 30 people who are involved in general maintenance and navigation work. The containers may contain one person’s cargo or different people, but this must be agreed by the parties involved.


These are ships that transport goods that are in liquid form. Such commodities may include crude oil, vegetable oil, liquefied petroleum and natural gas, liquid chemicals amongst others. They usually have a very huge tank that may be subdivided into sections each loaded with a different type of the same commodity.


This type is also commonly referred to as refrigerated ship. This is because they carry perishable cargo inside very huge refrigerators that are integrated into the ships. The ship’s engine is used as a source of energy for the refrigerators. The products carried are commonly foodstuffs that include meat, dairy products like milk, vegetables and other perishable foodstuffs.

Coastal ships

This type carries cargo within a particular location like a coastal region or island. They are commonly small in size and travel for short distances.

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