Severe Scar Removal Surgery Also Cures Complex Skin Cancers in San Antonio

The skin is the largest organ of the body, the entire body is encased in it, and scars can be very noticeable. The smallest scrape can sometimes cause a scar, as well as acne and sports injuries. Scarring is a natural part of healing for skin. However, if scar removing creams don’t completely fade the scars away, the scarring may be permanent without intervention.

MOHS Micrographic Surgery in San Antonio uses advanced techniques for clearing away discolorations and dermal scar tissue. Laser Scar Removal is a highly effective way to diminish the appearance of scars. Laser skin treatment uses an intensified light to remove raised scars or smooth down the outer layers of skin.

MOHS Micrographic Surgery is also a high functioning regimen for advanced skin cancers. This scrupulous surgical procedure removes skin cancers more thoroughly than traditional methods. The term Micrographic refers to a microscope and graphing. Microscopic examinations of tissue allow the surgeon to see minuscule cancer cells that are otherwise invisible. The Graphic aspect refers to distinct delineation of the tumor for treatment.

Mohs Surgery experts in San Antonio enables the tumor to be detected by color with every significant detail outlined in it. The cancerous tissue is outlined up to the border so there’s no chance any malignant tissue is left behind. This ground breaking procedure from Academic Dermatology has the highest success rate for curing compound skin cancers.

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