Several Options for a Facial in Boise ID

Getting a Facial in Boise ID will be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience that results in glowing and younger looking skin. Before that happens, it may take some time to select which one to enjoy. This is especially true of guests who Visit Belle Vous Medi Spa where a total of nine options exist. Time frames range from thirty-minutes to two and a half hours.

No Time?

The chemical peel option is perfect for busy moms and professionals with very little time to pamper themselves. People can book this treatment during lunch hour. The procedure only takes thirty-minutes but leaves skin exfoliated, fine hairs removed, and a radiant glow on the face. People who live or work close to the spa can try to fit a fifty-five-minute classic facial into the lunch hour as well. That includes exfoliation, a massage, a mask with steam, a hand and arm massage, corrective serums, and sunscreen.

Deep Cleansing

There are two facials offered that provide deep cleansing. One is a teen facial to remove excess oil and dirt. Those with extremely dry skin will benefit from a customized formula to moisturize skin and leave it smooth. The acne facial, which is appropriate for teens and women experiencing hormonal changes, cleans out enlarged pores, removes bacteria that can cause blackheads, and minimizes oily residue that can make a face shine.

Choices for Pampering

One combination includes a variation of the Facial in Boise ID which is known as a back facial or a bacial. This procedure is designed to exfoliate the skin, diminish the appearance of blemishes, and smooth out the rough patches. The classic facial is the second part of this combo. The other combination consists of a dermablade facial followed by a chemical peel.

Clients with time to spare can decide upon a signature facial or one of two combination options. The signature facial is ninety-minutes of pampering that leaves the face gorgeous. Eyebrow wax and tint are the first steps, followed by an exfoliating facial with a dermablade. An enzyme mask is applied after that. Anti-aging and brightening serums are added, and the experience ends with medical grade sunscreen to protect that younger looking skin from sun damage.

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