Seven Tips for Decorating with Artificial Flowers and Plants

There are a large number of people that turn their noses up to artificial flower plants. However, these flowers and plants offer a number of different options to increase color and aesthetic appeal in your home or office. If you have never used artificial stems or greenery in the past, use some of the tips highlighted here.

Do Your Homework

You should take time to save several images of the real flowers and greenery that you like on your mobile device and then be sure to take it with you on your shopping venture. Take time to compare the small details, such as stems, petals and leaves. There are a number of options of flowers that look great on the top, but then are obviously plastic and fake when you inspect the stem.

Inspect the Materials

Not all types of artificial flowers and plants are created from silk, or another similar material. In fact, some of the most realistic options that are available have petals that are made from foam. They not only look real, they feel real as well.

Purchase of Create Natural Appearing Arrangements

You should not just put some stems inside of a vase and leave it alone. Instead, make it look aesthetically appealing with rock and sand fillers, which will help to trick the eye into thinking it is a real arrangement.

Use Actual Planters and Pots

A good option are coir hanging baskets for a fake fern, which are pretty realistic looking since they are not hanging on eye level and this container is typically used for live or real plants.

Use Faux Water

Chances are you have seen the modern and simple arrangements that feature only one stem in a glass with fake water. The truth is that you can purchase this fake “water” and make your very own. A definite must-have for any artificial flower aficionado.

Alternate the Arrangements

Be sure to alternate your arrangements every now and then by placing them in different rooms. This will help the same arrangement from being noticed by your visitors. You can even add certain flowers and other additions such as baby’s breath to the arrangements, to make them appear completely unique.

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