Serving Eviction Notices In California

A landlord has the right to evict a tenant for many reasons, although most landlords do try to keep eviction rates low to attract tenants to their properties. In Los Angeles, a landlord can submit a 3 day, 30 day, or 60 day notice to tenants. There are specific requirements for serving eviction notices, and 3 day notices have the most regulations surrounding the proper serving of this notice. Hiring an attorney to handle the legal documents can get expensive, and most landlords don’t need to involve the use of an attorney for regular eviction cases. Property owners who need help drawing up the necessary paperwork can get the legal documents prepared quickly and efficiently through a company that specializes in preparing legal paperwork.

30 & 60 Day Notices

The most common types of notices served are the 30 and 60 day notices. These notices give a tenant either 30 or 60 days to vacate the premises or correct any issues that the landlord is willing to have corrected in order to maintain residence at the property. Nonpayment of rent is one of the main reasons tenants face Eviction In Los Angeles. Your rental agreement will state the expected date of payment, whether it’s monthly or weekly, and your landlord may provide a grace period in some situations. However, property owners can serve tenants with a 30 or 60 day notice to evict the property without allowing for the repayment of rent as a means to maintain the residence.

3 Day Notices

Because a 3 day notice provides so little time for a tenant to vacate the property and find a new place to live, there are laws regulating the use of a 3 day notice. While missed rent payments are reason to serve a 3 day notice, a landlord usually has to allow the tenant the opportunity to repay all of the missed rent payments without fear of eviction. If the reason for eviction is correctable, like the tenant must remove a pet from the property, then the landlord must allow the tenant to correct the problem. In cases where illegal activity has taken place, a tenant has 3 days to vacate the premises before the landlord can take further legal action. By hiring a professional court documents preparer, you can prevent mistakes in legal paperwork and get your tenants evicted properly without fear of legal reprisal.

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