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by | Apr 1, 2014 | Foundation Repair

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The foundation is the most crucial component in the structural integrity of your home. Foundation failure is an issue that cannot fix itself and should not be left unchecked. It will get worse as time passes, which means it will cost more to fix the longer you ignore it. Besides costing more to repair, a failing foundation will create serious problems with your home. It will eventually create hazardous conditions inside your home. It takes qualified and professional foundation contractors in Oklahoma City to evaluate, diagnose, and make the appropriate repairs for your protection.

How do you know if your foundation is failing?

These are the common warning signs of foundation failure.

1. Cracks in your floors, foundation, or walls.
2. Separation of door and window frames from the panes.
3. Gaps between your trim and walls, or windows and doors.
4. Warping of your windows, doors, or walls.

These signs can occur on the main floor of your home, in your basement, and on the interior and exterior of your house.

What services are used to make repairs to a failing foundation?

The process of repairing a foundation does not involve a single technique. It requires training, experience, knowledge, and the tools of the trade. The following repair services are what you can expect from these professionals.

1. Foundation settlement – All foundations settle over time. Sometimes a settling foundation causes unstable conditions on the interior or exterior of the home which requires attention.
2. Crawl space – For homes that do not have a basement, crawl space repair may be a solution in repairing your foundation and making your home safe.
3. Wall straightening – The walls of a foundation an fail and become crooked. This is bad for the entire structure. Professional foundation contractors in Oklahoma City have the tools and equipment to straighten foundation walls.
4. Wall stabilization – Stabilizing the walls of your foundation aids in the prevention of further foundation failure and maintains the structural integrity of a building.

Other repair services can include mud jacking or concrete creep repairs. If you notice any of the warning signs that your foundation may be failing, do not hesitate to get it checked right away. Only professional foundation repair contractors will know if there is a problem and what to do. American Leveling is a foundation contractor that provides services to make your foundation stable and safe.