Services Provided by Certified Public Accountants in Palm Desert CA

A certified public accountant is an individual who has not only completed a degree program at a university, but also has obtained additional experience, passed a rigorous exam, and pursues ongoing education courses to keep on top of their profession. Certified Public Accountants in Palm Desert CA are sought after by both businesses and individuals to assist in meeting current and future financial needs. Services provided by CPAs include tax planning and preparation, annual assurance services, and financial planning services.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Certified public accountants assist individuals and businesses with tax planning and income tax preparation. They can also represent their clients before local, state, and federal government agencies. CPAs are intimately familiar with tax regulations and laws and are therefore able to provide their clients with accurate advice and services and put their mind’s at ease. They frequently take part in ongoing education classes to stay up-to-date in these matters.

Annual Assurance Services

Annual audits are required of privately-owned businesses, government agencies, publicly-owned companies, and non-profit organizations. Certified public accountants can assist with audits by compiling a client’s data into organized financial statements or by reviewing a client’s financial statements and making a limited assurance report regarding those statements. In addition, CPAs can perform a full audit for a company, providing a high assurance report regarding the accuracy and honesty of the company’s financial statement.

Financial Planning Services

Certified public accountants are often called upon to assist individuals and businesses with current and future financial planning. CPAs can help individuals maximize their income and plan for the future with services such as developing a budget, saving for college, and planning for retirement. Businesses can benefit from a CPA’s advice regarding risk management and business succession planning.

Miller and Mehr is the go-to firm for Certified Public Accountants in Palm Desert CA. The professionals at Miller & Mehr provide a wide range of services, including tax planning and preparation, annual assurance services, and financial planning services for both businesses and individuals. Clients are supported using the best and most advanced technology and software. A personalized and cost-effective experience is guaranteed. Find Us Here for more information.

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