Services Provided by an Understanding Medical Doctor in Wichita, Kansas

Many people have become skeptical about modern medicine over the years. They worry that doctors prescribe drugs too easily and various tests and treatments are recommended that aren’t necessary. When somebody moves to a new city and would like to build a relationship with a family physician, it feels very important to find a medical doctor in Wichita, Kansas who will listen to the concerns and respect what the patient has to say.

Concerns About Prescription Medication

When patients do need to take prescription medication, they greatly appreciate a medical doctor in Wichita, Kansas who is glad to answer questions about a drug’s effectiveness and possible side effects. Some individuals have become quite nervous about taking certain drugs. They worry about antibiotics becoming less effective, and many people are becoming addicted to anti-anxiety and opiate pain medications.

A Combination of Philosophies

Patients with these concerns may especially feel comfortable at a clinic such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC, which has both medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy on the staff. MDs and DOs receive the same rigorous education and training, but these schools of medicine have somewhat different philosophies. The patient may still prefer a medical doctor, but may also like the idea of a team of physicians who are more open-minded about different possibilities that are currently available.

Diagnostic Testing

Being able to have a variety of diagnostic testing done right at the clinic is convenient. Blood testing and throat cultures can be performed, and so can diagnostics requiring more elaborate equipment. Digital X-rays and EKGs provide insight for the doctor and patients. After menopause, women may want to have bone density testing performed, so they know if they have developed osteoporosis. The doctors at the family clinic also can arrange for tests like colonoscopies and mammograms.


Immunizations are provided at the clinic for children and adults alike. Many adults are not up to date on their vaccinations. Some should have a tetanus shot, for instance. Doctors recommend an additional whooping cough vaccination for adults who have not had one since they were young children. Annual flu shots also are available.

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