Services Offered by Animal Hospital in Alexandria

Animals, like humans, need to be regularly checked and groomed to maintain proper health. For this reason, it is very convenient and assuring for pet owners to find an animal care center that offers a wide range of services for a variety of pets. In Virginia, there is an animal hospital in Alexandria that provides excellent pet care services, pet boarding and lodging, and more.

Pet Board and Lodging

Pet owners can confidently drop off their pets to an Animal Hospital in Alexandria when they need to leave for work or vacation. One of the advantages of pet boarding in an animal hospital is the assurance veterinarians and pet caregivers are available in case of medical emergencies. All boarding pets are placed in sanitized individual cubicles, are provided pet food according to the owner’s order, and are given enough time to play and walk around outdoors.

Pet Grooming Services

Well-groomed pets stay healthier. Bringing pets to a highly trained pet groomer assures owners that pets are groomed correctly and gently. The full grooming service provided to pets start from bathing, ear cleaning, and hair and nail trimming to teeth brushing and gum scaling.

Pet Vaccination and Check-Up

The core service offered by Hayfield Animal Hospital is pet vaccinations and health checkups. Veterinarians in the hospital know the proper vaccinations to give specific pets as well as the comprehensive health checkup to give. Doing regular check-ups and annual vaccinations prevent any unwanted diseases which can cost the animal’s life.

Pet Surgery

During times of emergency, it is vital to bring pets to an animal hospital that can give immediate attention to the animal’s needs. Licensed veterinarians guarantee pet owners that their pets are in good hands. If and when surgery is needed, veterinarians give a full explanation of what the pet will go through, which may include anesthesia administration, pre-surgery checkup, and post-surgery follow-up.

Well-loved pets must only be entrusted to a trustworthy team of veterinarians and pet caregivers who give special love to pet patients. To learn more about the Hayfield team of veterinarians and hospital staff as well as the complete list of services offered, Visit

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