Services Offered by a Cosmetic Dentist in Wheaton, IL

Looking better and smiling more is something that every individual would like to do, but this is not always possible due to dental imperfections that we acquire as we get older. Missing, stained and chipped teeth or other dental maladies can rob you of your perfect smile and affect your ability to speak and chew correctly. Fortunately, cosmetic dental procedures that can enhance your smile and the appearance of your teeth are available at affordable prices. A cosmetic dentist in Wheaton can enhance the appearance of gums, lips and teeth, giving patients the confidence they need to smile and interact with others in society.

One of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures performed by dentists is teeth whitening. Instead of attempting to brighten your stained and discolored teeth using do-it-yourself whiteners sold over the counter in retail shops, you are better off visiting a dental office for professional teeth whitening procedures which are safer and more reliable. Regardless of what caused your teeth to chip or stain, dentists can offer bleaching solutions that will make your teeth sparkle without making them sensitive. Cosmetic dentists consider the medical history of their patients before bleaching their teeth, ensuring that no complications arise. Veneers are sometimes used to cover stains that are impossible to remove using bleaching techniques. By placing a slim porcelain veneer on a damaged, cracked or chipped tooth, dentists are able to mask any apparent imperfections, giving patients a bright smile.

Excessively gummy smiles are sometimes considered unattractive by patients, so they opt to get a gum lift to fix their smile and to ensure that only a slight amount of gum tissue is visible when they smile. A cosmetic dentist in Wheaton can also fix wrinkled mouth tissue, making a patient appear younger and more attractive. For patients with a gap in their smiles, cosmetic dentists are able to use dental bonding resins to make teeth even and to cover the spaces left by shifting or crooked teeth. There are many cosmetic alternatives for patients with missing teeth such as getting dental implants and dentures.

For more information on how you can improve your dental appearance, visit Dupage Dental Smiles.

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