Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa Helps Maintain a Cleaner Environment

A septic tank in an integral part of a septic system. This unit is a miniature sewage system that helps separate water from wastes before the water is put back into the surrounding environment. This part of the septic system is connected to an inlet pipe that carried waste-water from the plumbing system. On the other side of a septic tank is the septic drain field which further treats waste-water. Waste water can have a foul odor and can contain harmful bacteria. Sometimes a septic system will accumulate an overabundance of sludge and slime. This can cause damage to the tank itself and to your health if left in this condition.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), untreated sewage water can pose a serious hazard to groundwater. To prevent this from occurring, home owners need to perform Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa when the bottom scum layer is within 6 inches of the inlet pipe and the top sludge layer is approximately 12 inches from it. Septic tanks should be checked once a year. It’s advisable to have a tank pumped ever one to three years.

If regular Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa is not done, the sludge and slime can back up into the plumbing pipes. From here, this matter can enter the household through the toilets and drains. Also, not having a tank pumped routinely can cause untreated waste-water overflow into the drain field. From here, it can gain access to creeks and rivers, thus contaminating the water supply of a town. When a septic tank is pumped, a pump truck will remove the slime, sludge, and outgoing water. There are city, state, and federal laws governing the pumping process and the clean-up process.

To keep a septic pump from backing up, it’s important to learn about Septic Tank Maintenance in Des Moines, Iowa. This will help save you costly repairs since septic tanks are expensive. To protect the health of your family and your community, make sure water that leaves your septic tank is as free of harmful bacteria as possible. In addition, performing septic maintenance will help keep property values high to protect the economic health of your community.

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