Septic Tank Cleaning in Fort Myers, Florida is Essential For Efficient Plumbing

Although many homes today use municipal sewage disposal systems, a surprising number still use septic tanks. These consist of a series of pipes connected to a tank, and buried on the property. The system connects to indoor plumbing, and is designed to separate solid and liquid waste. Natural bacteria breaks down solids. However, time, heavy usage, and damage can cause the system to fail. When this happens, symptoms are unpleasant and unhealthy. Some of the signs that it is time for septic tank cleaning in Fort Myers Florida homes include:

UNPLEASANT SMELLS: You may notice that your bathroom never smells clean and fresh, no matter how often you clean it. There may also be foul smells in certain parts of your property. These are often indications that your septic tank is not operating efficiently, and needs professional attention.

OVERFLOWS ON YOUR PROPERTY: You may notice water on your property, in the area where a septic tank is buried. Many times this is a sign the tank is full and is overflowing. It could also indicate that lines are broken. Either problem needs professional attention.

BACKED UP PLUMBING: If your toilet keeps backing up and snaking or other treatments do not work, you could have a septic tank problem. You could even see waste water in your shower or bathtub. When you see any of these conditions, it is critical that you call professionals immediately, because they can result in disease and sickness.

Septic tank experts will quickly diagnose your problem and provide a solution that may include septic tank pumping or repair. They will also explain how to prevent future problems. Often experts suggest remembering the “5 P’s” of good septic tank maintenance: These include:

PRETREAT: Adding products that contain live bacteria can make septic tanks more efficient.

PROTECT: Do not park cars or plant flowers on your septic tank.

PREVENT: Do not put anything except human waste in toilets.

PUMP: Good septic tank maintenance means pumping every 3-5 years.

PLEASE DO NOT WASTE WATER: Septic tanks fail when they are overloaded with water. Repairing leaks or drips and conserving water prevents this.

Most of time septic tanks efficiently handle the waste from a home, but sometimes they fail. When this happens, it is critical to call professionals quickly. They can solve the problem and teach you how to reduce the chance of future problems.