Seniors, Salons And Wheel Chair Accessibility

Wheel chair accessibility has been mandated by law in the United States and Canada. If you run a business, including a hair salon, it is requisite for it to be accessible to everyone. However, wheel chair accessibility extends further that a broad entryway with a ramp. It means looking at what equipment is required including, for salons, such things as wheelchair accessible sinks.

An Aging Population

An increase in the age of the population with no immediate end in sight means more people may have to rely on wheelchairs, walkers of scooters to get around. This can create a sense of dependency. They may need someone to drive them wherever they want to go. Those who want to assert their independence and take their wheelchair out for a spin to their favorite shops, need to be able to do so no matter what. This freedom of movement needs to be applicable wherever their wheelchair may take them, including a hair salon.

Hair Salons and Wheelchair Accessible Sinks

Just because someone is old, does not mean they do not want to look as good as possible. If they can visit a hair salon while sitting in their wheelchair the experience may be beneficial to more than their appearance. Emotionally, it can improve how they feel about themselves. It not only gives them something to look forward to, but also can lift their mood upwards for at least the day of the hair appointment.

Yet, the positive aspects of a hair or nails appointment can come crashing down if the only accessibility is through the front door. If it is difficult to maneuver through the facility then this is a form of discrimination. This is a salon that is not really accessible. It can be extremely challenging and even impossible for those who cannot get out of their wheelchair without a two-person lift.

If the space is moveable but the equipment is not accessible, this is another issue that will destroy a much anticipated visit. A salon needs custom touches to make it a welcoming place to all clients. For those in wheelchairs, this may mean the addition of wheelchair accessible sinks. These sinks are lower and adjustable to accommodate the presence of a wheelchair. The chairs that might be placed in front of them can be easily removed so the wheelchair can slide right into this station without fuss.

Welcoming Equipment: Wheelchair Accessible Sinks

Such items as wheelchair accessible sinks are essential in salons where the concern is to make certain all clients can enjoy the experience. Hairdressing salons need to work with designers and consult those with handicaps or disabilities of various types to ensure their facilities are comfortable, safe and accessible. They need to make certain that everyone feels welcome and respected. It is by realizing the need for such specialized equipment as wheelchair accessible sinks that salon owners indicate they are truly concerned not only about the welfare of their senior clients but also their dignity.

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