Selling Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia for Cash

When someone is considering gathering up scrap metal from around his house, garage and shed to bring to a salvage yard, he might wonder whether any of the old items contain copper. Copper is in demand, making the price per pound relatively high. Some people have Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia in addition to other materials that they can bring to a salvage yard for cash. A company such as S.D. Richman and Sons is always looking for copper in addition to aluminum, steel, brass and other metals.

Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is one of those somewhat hidden materials that a homeowner often doesn’t even realize he has. The metal is often enclosed inside another material or inside an object, so that the copper is not obvious. If an individual has a TV set that no longer works, he might be thinking of just setting it out on the curb for the trash collector. However, the TV set is likely to contain copper wire that he could obtain cash for at a scrap metal yard.

Insulated copper wire has many applications. A person who lives outside of the city and has ever had a well pump replaced may still have that old nonfunctioning pump stashed away in a garage or outbuilding. A salvage yard that buys Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia will pay good money for that pump partly because of the insulated copper wiring inside. Copper wiring also can be found inside phone cords and the thin plastic cables that connect landline phones to wall jacks. Electrical extension cords contain copper wiring. Some individuals put forth the effort to strip the outside material from the copper because that could make the items worth more to the buyer, who only wants the metal inside.

A salvage yard that buys Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia pays varying prices per pound for the metal depending on certain factors. The quality of the copper, the level of corrosion, the thickness of the wire and whether it is coated with another material all come into play in determining the price. A person who has a good amount of copper wiring around his property that he wants to sell to a scrap metal buyer should not to simply dump the copper wiring in with less valuable metals. Sorting the metals by type before going to the salvage yard is important to obtain the best price.

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