Sell Christian Louboutin Shoes in New York City for Extra Cash

Often, people take a look at their closets, and realize that they have so many outfits and so many pairs of shoes that there is no possible way that they can wear it all. When this happens, they have several options. They can keep the items, and just let the closets and dressers get more and more crowded. They can donate items to charities, and thrift shops. They can have yard and garage sales to get rid of those unwanted items. But, some of these items may have designer labels, and no one wants to simply get rid of them after having spent so much money to buy them in the first place.

This is where consignment stores come in. People can sell designer fashions, footwear, and accessories, and make back some of the money they originally spent on these items. The more popular the designer, the more money they will make. For instance, people can sell Christian Louboutin shoes in New York City for a pretty good price, as long as the shoes are in good condition. Some tips for selling designer fashions on consignment include:

1. Make sure that what is to be sold is in near-mint condition. Clothing and shoes should not look worn. Clothing should be cleaned and ironed, shoes cleaned and polished when necessary. Make sure that the items do not have cigarette smoke odors.

2. Items sold on consignment should look new, and should be less than five years old, unless they are being sold as vintage items (these items must be at least 15 years old to be considered vintage). Everything on the items should be original, including buttons or any decorations.

3. Be sure that the items are indeed originals and not knock-offs. For instance, if one is going to sell Christian Louboutin shoes in New York City consignment stores, be sure labels are authentic, that the point of origin tag does not say “made in China”, etc.

Designer fashions can be bought and sold at A Second Chance Designer Retail Boutique. Pieces are consigned for three months, and customers receive 50% of the selling price. For more information, Visit website.

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