Selecting Whole Bean Coffee in Hawaiian Traditions

Different types and flavors of coffees are harvested globally. Arabica beans, for example, account for three-quarters of all coffee beans grown worldwide. Originating in Ethiopia, they have spread to several other countries. There are still some beans that are only cultivated in specific areas.

Selecting Whole Bean Coffee in Hawaiian traditions provides two choices. Kona coffee and Ka’u coffee are grown solely in that area of the world. They are available in fine restaurants, in grocery stores, at specialty shops, and via mail order. Flavors include Peaberry, chocolate and vanilla with macadamia nut, and in blends. A blend of ten percent Kona beans, for example, can be found online.

In addition to Whole Bean Coffee in Hawaiian climates, ground beans and freeze dried variations can be found, depending on the distributor. The Kona beans have a sweet and subtle flavor, and are only grown on fifteen-hundred acres of volcanic slopes. The low quantity available does command a higher price than regular coffees, which is why purchasing it online is typically the most cost-effective avenue.

Ka’u coffee has a higher sugar content than most coffees, and is blended with added flavors. The Ka’u “Morning Glory” blend, for example, consists of pecans, malt, brown sugar, apricots, oranges, and vanilla. It is a mild coffee that is similar to Kona because it is also grown on volcanic slopes in a different region of the island. Coffee connoisseurs appreciate the unique flavor and do not mind the cost. It may be worth it to treat the family to something new or gift some to a friend in hopes of being offered a cup.

Online companies, like Mulvadi Corporation, for example, also offer other products native to the Hawaiian Islands. Cooking oil, sauces, spices, Hawaiian honey, and several flavors of macadamia nuts are among available products. Macadamia nuts can be found unsalted for baking, in coconut and honey brittle, and in flavors such as island onion, wasabi, and chili pepper.

Wholesale accounts are available for retailers, and free shipping is offered after a certain dollar amount is reached for an order. Select products carefully, and always read the labels. Coffee available in large chain grocery or department stores are not typically one-hundred percent Kona or Ka’u coffee beans.

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