Selecting the Best Custom Jewelry Boxes

A large assortment of custom jewelry boxes is available for holding jewelry, but a jewelry box is more than a box. It can often be an elegant and elaborate work of art that is designed to protect bracelets, necklaces, watches and many other types of precious jewels. It can also accentuate and highlight the elegance and sophistication of a collection of jewelry.

The wrong jewelry box, therefore, can detract from the style of a single piece or an entire collection. The design of the box is important to create the ideal setting for a necklace or ring, for example. The box needs to work with the entire jewelry collection to highlight its beauty and style.

There are some tips that can be followed so that jewelry is matched with the right box. These tips can make it easier to find a box that fits one’s collection or facilitates looking for custom jewelry boxes.

Overall Consideration of Collection
When looking for a jewelry box for all of one’s jewelry, it is important to think about the entire collection. Such factors as whether the collection is all silver or gold, more rings than bracelets, or has a common theme can contribute to the type of jewelry box that is selected. Jewelry boxes should complement and not work against a collection. It is best to select jewelry boxes that go with the collection’s primary color and highlight the shine and sparkle of the pieces.

Minimize Clutter
The amount of jewelry one has will vary from person to person; as some may have just a few pieces while others may have a more lavish collection. Regardless of the size of the collection, it is important that each piece of jewelry be accommodated in a jewelry box with ample room around the piece. Jewelry can appear cheap and unattractive if placed in a box that is too small because the pieces will not have enough room to be displayed properly.

Having enough space between each piece will ensure that the style and beauty of each piece are revealed, and the overall appearance of the collection is called to attention. The use of custom jewelry boxes may come into play so that the true essence of a collection is readily apparent.