Selecting an Extra Long Drill Bit for Use on Your Next Project

Sometimes standard drill bits simply aren’t long enough to get the job done, and that’s where extended length drill bits come in handy. If you’re in need of one or more extra long drill bits for an important job, it’s critical to know exactly what types are available so that you can choose the right size and style. There’s a wealth of options from which to pick, and it’s necessary to clearly identify exactly what your project entails so you can ensure that you have the right drill bits at the ready when you need them most.

Extra long drill bits are commonly employed in aircraft assembly, maintenance and repair projects, but their usefulness doesn’t end there. Large-scale construction tasks also often require deep holes that can only be created by the use of extended length drill bits. The types of extra long drill bits that you keep on hand should be suitable for use with the materials that you regularly encounter. The most common extra long bits are those for use with metal, wood, plastic, concrete and masonry. Bits can be straight-side or tapered for making holes of varying sizes and dimensions, and bits for use with mechanical drilling machinery as well as those created for hand tapping are also available.

Don’t hesitate to contact the skilled team at Drill Bits USA if you need assistance finding the right extra long drill bit for your needs. Our company has been serving clients throughout the United States and around the world for more than 15 years, and we look forward to being your drill bit supplier of choice in the future. We have an expansive online catalog that includes specifications for all our high-quality products, and we’ll gladly answer any questions that you have before you make a purchase.

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