Seeking Treatment for Sports Related Injuries

Anyone who plays sports or runs can experience foot and ankle injuries on a consistent basis. The foot has an intricate bone structure, and tendons are easily torn or stretched to the point where pain is felt and walking can become difficult. Because many sports participants tend to continue using the foot and ankle even after an injury, the situation often becomes worse before it has a chance to get better. A foot and ankle specialist in Spring, TX can help treat sports related injuries by providing the right type of care and recommending the effective in-home treatments. The goal is to get you back on the field or running again as soon as possible, but sometimes that requires a bit of a rest first.

Common Sports Injuries of the Foot and Ankle

The ankle, heel, and toe area are the three most common places to feel pain from a sports injury. Toe strain or fractures, especially of the big toe, are common in athletes who put lots of pressure on the forefront of the foot. Runners may also feel some toe strain if they have an improper run and put too much pressure on the toes. Tendon tears can occur along the ankle, Achilles heel, and midfoot section. Tendons are able to stretch, but overuse can cause a tear as well as underuse. If a tendon stretches too much, it can become inflamed and eventually tear if overused. If a tendon is not stretched enough, it can become inflamed with sudden use.

Heel spurs and sprained ankles are also common sports injuries as overuse of the foot can stretch the tendons and covering of the heel bone. Sprained ankles occur when someone lands in the wrong position, which happens often in sports like baseball, soccer, and running. Always visit a foot and ankle specialist in Spring, TX if you experience consistent pain when participating in various sporting activities.

Treatment Options

The type of injury will determine the type of treatment. Minor injuries usually just need rest and ice or heat to help reduce swelling. Fractures will need rest, and possibly removal of all weight from the foot until the bone has time to heal. In serious fractures, you may need a cast or boot. Other injuries could need surgery to correct a chronic condition or alleviate pain in the area. Only a foot and ankle specialist in the Spring, TX area can conduct the necessary tests and determine the right course of treatment.

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