See a Specialist in Eye Vision in Pender, NE to Schedule an Exam for Your Child

The earlier you have your child’s eyes checked, the better. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), you should schedule your child’s first eye exam when he or she is six months of age. After this point, exams should be scheduled when a child is three years old and before he or she enters kindergarten or first grade.

When to Schedule Regular Exams for Your Child

By the time your child reaches school age, he or she should receive regular vision exams every two years if vision correction is not needed. Otherwise, children wearing contacts or eyeglasses should have their eye vision checked annually.

A Free Eye Exam for Children Three Years of Age

Some practitioners who offer services in eye vision in Pender, NE take part in the See to Learn Program. This program offers free vision exams to children who are three years old. The program is offered by eye care specialists three times annually.

What Vision Specialists Check

When children undergo a comprehensive eye vision exam, eye specialists pay special attention to structural irregularities. Certain aberrancies may indicate a problem with the eye or the muscles surrounding the eye. Therefore, eye care specialists look for such ocular conditions as the following:

• Nearsightedness or farsightedness

• Astigmatism

• Depth perception

• Lazy eye

• Development issues

Schedule an Exam before Your Child Starts Attending School

You do not want to wait until your child starts attending school to learn that he or she has vision difficulties. Any vision problem should be corrected before that type of discovery is made. Vision issues can also lead to learning difficulties. So, take advantage, for instance, of the free eye exams that are available through the See to Learn Program or schedule an exam for an older child immediately.

Keep Everything in Focus and on Track

Eye care is an important facet of a child’s development. Therefore, do not delay having your child’s eyes checked. Visit the website that further details children’s eye care and schedule an appointment today.