Sedation Dentistry: Is It Right for Me?

Dental anxiety is real. About 9% to 10% of Americans avoid visiting the dentist out of fear or anxiety. If the thought of going to the dentist terrifies you, you may have a dental phobia, which makes it challenging to seek out treatment. Consult with a dentist who specializes in oral sedation dentistry in Leesburg for help.

What Is Oral Dentistry?

Oral dentistry involves sedating patients before they undergo the treatment. Out of three types of sedation, two will relax you, and one will render you unconscious throughout the process. The three types of sedation include the use of:

  • Nitrous oxide. The gas will relax you, allowing you to go through the procedure without any problems
  • Oral sedatives. The dentist will usually administer diazepam to help patients relax. Patients are fully awake throughout the process. You need to get to the dentist an hour before the treatment to take the oral sedative and give it enough time to work.
  • Intravenous sedatives. The sedative is administered through an IV and will put you in a deep sleep.

How Do I Prepare for It?

The preparation will depend on the type of sedative that your dentist chooses. If it’s an oral sedative, you’ll need to take that an hour before the procedure. Make sure you follow all the instructions from your dentist. If you start feeling drowsy, you know the sedative is working. If your dentist chooses nitrous oxide, they will supply it for the treatment. If you choose IV sedation, don’t eat or drink anything several hours before the procedure. Certain medications can also interfere with the sedation, so you’ll need to stop taking them a day or two before the treatment.

To clear any other doubts, ask your dentist. Make an appointment today with Cascades Center for Dental Health and ask questions to find out if using oral sedation dentistry in Leesburg is the right option for you.

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