Sedation Dentistry by Your Dental Group in Hawaii

If you avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety, you are not alone and you are a perfect candidate for Sedation Dentistry Charleston SC. Your local dental group in Hawaii offers patients the opportunity to receive dental treatments under controlled IV sedation. Ensuring your dentist is a certified practitioner is important when undergoing sedation dentistry. It can guarantee a painless dental experience, something of which is vital to a person who has dentophobia.

You will be able to choose several sedation dentistry techniques designed to reduce anxiety and alleviate your fears. Dental treatment is extremely important. Compromised oral health can affect the overall body and have a significant impact on your quality of life. If you suffer from dental anxiety and tend to forego necessary treatment, your dentist can help.

Conscious sedation dentistry

To help reduce anxiety and apprehension, your clinic should offer dental conscious sedation for its patients. Conscious sedation dentistry immerses the patient in a state of complete relaxation during treatment, but you will not go unconscious. The patient can answer questions from the staff, but they will retain little memory of any interaction or treatment afterwards. Administered orally, about one to two hours before treatment, conscious sedation requires no needle and the effects quickly clears up after treatment.

Intravenous sedation

The more complex procedures such as surgery or periodontal treatment may require “deep” intravenously sedation. With some patients, such as those who have nausea or are phobic, dentists can also use intravenous sedation. Patients undergoing intravenous sedation, experience a deeper state of relaxation and have no memory of the procedure as soon as they regain consciousness. Intravenous sedation dentistry can be used for patients with severe dental phobia, patients who just want to be “excluded” during treatment or for patients who require complex treatment and would like to consolidate many of their procedures without pain. Because the sedative is administered directly into the bloodstream, it is much more controllable and takes effect in much less time.

Enjoy sedation dentistry

On the idea of needing dental care, dental anxiety can vary from mild discomfort to being traumatized with fear. As dentists, it is their duty to do all they can for their patients to receive the treatment they need. By neglecting care, teeth can deteriorate over time and, in extreme cases, become severely damaged or fall. Contact Tatum Dentistry for more information.

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