Sedation Dentistry: Basics to Know

Dental anxiety is real. For some, it can be the result of a bad experience with a former dentist. For others, the anxiety can be about the perceived pain and discomfort that comes with the treatments. Whatever the case, a lot of people are phobic about making an appointment with a dentist.

If you are too, seeing a dental care office that offers sedation dentistry in Leesburg can be the right decision for you. Read on to know more about what it entails.

What is sedation dentistry?

Also known as sleep dentistry, this involves the use of medication to help patients relax during a dental treatment. It can be used for patients who suffer from severe phobia or anxiety during trips to the dentist. Patients who need to undergo extensive dental procedures can also be put under medication to ease their discomfort. By the time they wake up, the procedure will be done.

What are the levels of sedation?

There are several levels of sedation used for treatment. Minimal sedation allows for patients to be awake but relaxed. If you undergo moderate sedation or conscious sedation, you will still be conscious while the treatment is happening, but you won’t remember much of it after. You may also slur your words. For patients who have mild anxiety, though, deep sedation may be recommended. This will leave you on edge of consciousness, but it will still be easy for your dentist or the staff to wake you up. For those with dental fear and anxiety, general anesthesia may be the right level of sedation, which will leave patients unconscious.

How do you find the right dentist?

Look for credentials. To find someone with experience in sedation dentistry in Leesburg, call Cascades Center for Dental Health. With a dentist who specializes in these cases, you can look forward to successful results.

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