Security Alarms

A security system is an electronic monitoring system used to protect a home, business, or even a military post. Some systems will monitor just unauthorized entry – a burglar alarm. Others will incorporate intrusion detection with fire protection, and damage monitoring. The system may include simple door & window protection and fire & smoke surveillance. But the systems can get as complex as your needs dictate. Some need remote viewed and operated electronic gates. Incorporating CCTV, electronic pass cards or keypads you can secure the entire perimeter from unauthorized entry. There are many types of security systems available in Portsmouth.

Types of sensors

The security industry has made some major advances in recent years, with electronics and internet devices becoming more compact and reliable. There are numerous types of sensors for many security applications. The basic magnetic switches are still used quite a lot – because of their simplicity they are extremely reliable. But with the advancement of electronics there are now numerous other type of sensors available to use depending on your needs such as: fibre optics, microwave barriers, photo-electric beams, ultrasonic, infrared, and many others. There are numerous options for your security systems in Portsmouth.

The new age of technology

Using CCTV combined with inexpensive hard drives one can now record video in much greater resolution, and longer duration. The improvement in internet speeds and wireless communications has opened a whole new world in the security industry. Monitoring the systems has been made much easier with the new technology. When used in conjunction with broadband internet, wireless cameras, and routers you can now view remote stations from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Not only can you monitor from longer distances you can also set the system, clear alarms, and get real-time video surveillance. It is now much easier to ensure you are not getting false alarms. Automated responses have also been improved. Now systems can not only call the police and fire departments but, depending on the alarm requirements, can also call utility companies for water, gas, or electric emergencies.

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