Securing the Right Features with Home Intercom Systems in New York City

Intercom systems are intended to allow for easy communication when people don’t happen to be in the same room. Used for decades in business settings, there are plenty of home Intercom Systems in New York City that are in current use. If this sounds like a great addition to a new home, here are some features that will come in handy.

Remote Activation

While all Intercom Systems in New York City come with touchpads that make it easy to contact someone in another room, there is the option of using remote controls to achieve the same purpose. What this means is there is no need to get out of a comfortable chair, cross the room, and then use the system to speak with someone in another room. A remote control makes it possible to access the system while remaining in that comfortable position.

Broadcast Mode

Many people think of a home intercom system as an easy way to communicate with one person at a time. Many of the newer systems also have a broadcast feature. This feature can come in handy in a number of situations, such as calling everyone to the dinner table. It also makes it possible to quickly alert everyone in the house if there is an emergency and they need to exit the building immediately.


Voicemail is not just for phone systems. Many intercom systems today make it possible to record a message that can be picked up later. For example, a parent can use the system to leave a voice reminder for a child to pick up his or her room after school. Parents can also leave each other reminders about such mundane things as certain foods to pick up at the market, or reminders that one of the kids need to be picked up after some type of recreational activity. Finding the right combination of features is not as difficult as some consumers think. By consulting the professionals at Integrity Eletric, it is possible to settle on a system that includes all the options needed to make it a real asset in the home.

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