Screws and Fasteners for Industrial Applications

Fasteners are devices used to link objects together. These fasteners are sometimes installed on a temporary basis, and other times on a permanent basis. Some types of fasteners that are commonly used include stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy fasteners. Minneapolis companies can obtain the screws and fasteners they need from our supply. At Class C Components, we are your trusted industrial fastener supplier.

From the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota area, we provide our customers with exceptional industrial bulk fastener distribution services. We offer a wide range of fastener parts to help our customers fulfill their project and application requirements.

Screws and Other Fasteners
The broad range of industrial fasteners we offer include screws, bolts, anchors, hardware, clamps and clips, nuts, bearings, retaining rings, rivets, socket products, electronic hardware, kits, pins, metric fasteners, regular fasteners, socket products, weld nuts, and threaded rod.

Various types of fasteners are used in different pieces of equipment and machinery, in addition to bridges, vehicles, ships, buildings, railways, and other structures. Faster applications are numerous, and the proper use of these fasteners provides extensive benefits in various industries.

Experienced Fastener Supply Company
If you are moving forward with a sizable industrial project, it is crucial to obtain and install the correct fasteners, including bolts and screws. Minnesota contractors that work with heavy machinery and equipment often need a vast amount of options available when it comes to the installation of new fasteners for new equipment or new fasteners to replace old worn-out fasteners. As a highly reliable and experienced fastener supply company, we can provide you with fastener products and services you need for your industrial applications.

Through the use of the right fasteners for your application or project, you can avoid costly equipment or structural repairs in the future. At Class C Components, we offer an extensive range of fastener options to meet the needs of your structural or equipment applications.

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