Screenings & Move-Ins with a Professional Property Management Firm

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Real Estate

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Filling vacancies and choosing tenants are two of the most important aspects of landlording. Being careful in your selection of tenants can help protect your returns as well as other renters.  Many landlords thoroughly screen interested applicants before accepting their application for residency. However, this often requires both time and resources many busy investors simply do not have. If completing specific landlording activities, such as overseeing screenings, interviews, and reference checks, is not workable for you, you would likely benefit from professional property management. Inverness agents offer dedicated support and rigorous screenings of potential tenants to prevent future rent collection issues or disputes down the road. They will also assist those individuals who pass screenings with settling in and ensuring all bases are covered for future reference.

Choosing Wisely
Most landlords do their best to avoid leasing with renters who could potentially cause disruptions in revenue flow or create disturbances on the property. Property managers do their best to save owners from having to cope with tenants who do not make rent payments on time or disregard key leasing terms. By implementing detailed background, employment, credit, and income screenings, managers are able to ascertain whether an individual will help or hinder their client’s investment. One of the many benefits of professional property management is the fact you can determine how many or how few managerial tasks you would like to participate in. For example, if you are a traveling investor, you can outline in your contract that you would prefer your agent select tenants on your behalf, assuming they meet the necessary criteria.

Moving a New Renter In
Once a tenant has passed their screenings, interviews, and reference checks, you or your agent will make a selection. Your manager will then draw up a rental agreement with them and very carefully reiterate the terms of the lease so that the new tenant fully understands their rights and obligations. They may also add any lease addendums to accommodate a tenant’s needs or preferences, depending on your standing on the issue. The agent will then accompany the new tenant on a walkthrough inspection of the home or unit and ask they sign a verification form attesting to the lack of damages in the living space. Afterward, a move-in date will be scheduled, and your agent will collect your new tenant’s first month’s rent and security deposit, forwarding them to you.

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