Scheduling Your Corporate Move

A move for a new job is exciting. It’s even more exciting if your company is providing you with a corporate move package. This means your move will be paid for by your company, saving you lots of money and lots of hassle.

With this type of move, you are usually assigned a move coordinator. This person will provide a list of corporate moving companies and a list of realtors in your current city and your destination city. They may also supply names of mortgage companies, and rental agents you can use. You’re usually able to choose from a list of several corporate moving companies, though some packages require that you use a particular mover.

As you prepare for your move, you’ll work with your local realtor to list your home, and work with a realtor in your destination city to buy a home. Once all the details are worked out, you’ll set a date for your move.

Once you know when you want to move, call your corporate moving company to schedule your date. In most cases, your moving company will send a crew one to two days before your items must be out of the house to begin packing and boxing your belongings. They will determine how many days it will take to pack and box your belongings based on the square footage of your home They will also discuss any specialty items that must be moved, such as automobiles, trampolines, flat screen televisions and play sets. Each of these items requires special handling.

Once your movers arrive, they’ll take the burden off of you by packing and boxing your items, and loading these in the truck. Corporate moving companies in New Orleans know just how to make short work of getting you ready to move to your new home.

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