Scheduled or Random Drug testing in Coos Bay Oregon

If your business is the type that can fluctuate wildly you may find yourself frequently with either too many employees or not enough. Likely you have experienced both at some time. This inability to balance the work load with an appropriate number of employees is common enough that an industry was devised to solve the problem.

Staffing agencies give employers the ability to have pre-screened, qualified employees available when they need them. They do not have to worry about setting up benefits or paying unemployment compensation when they no longer need the help. Even the payroll itself will be covered by the agency, rather than requiring your company to worry about setting them up.

Many agencies will work in a close partnership with employers who utilize them frequently. They can recruit help when they know a need will be upcoming or be certain there are people with specific skills kept available when it is required.

Atlas Edge Staffing Services offers employees with a multitude of skills to fit into many different industries. In addition to pre-screening their work skills, they also offer free Drug testing Coos Bay OR and free background checks. You can be certain that each employee you choose will be skilled and safe of the job.

In addition to their initial Drug testing Coos Bay OR, they can also perform additional drug testing at any time they are working at your location. You only need to request Atlas have them tested again and they will take care of the matter.

Atlas actually offers in house and mobile drug screening. They even have a DOT approved Breath Alcohol device. This service can be used by anyone, not just for Atlas Edge supplied employees. If you are interested in performing random drug testing of your own crew, contact them to find out more about these services.

Atlas Edge has been in business for nearly twenty years. They are dedicated to providing the top employees available to all of their clients. Their staff is specially trained to match the right worker to each client to ensure the best working relationship possible. It is their mission to make it possible for other businesses to run smoothly and successfully. Visit us for more information.

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