Learn about the prevention of tooth decay with a children dentist in North Potomac. In recent years, tooth decay has moved on from being an adult only problem to kids as young as three years of age. It is time to get educated on what is tooth decay, what causes it and its treatment and prevention methods.

What is tooth decay? – Children’s dentist, North Potomac

More commonly referred to as cavities, tooth decay is caused by bacteria in your mouth that disintegrate or chip away the tooth. Cavities by themselves do not hurt, but if not treated will lead to infection, toothaches and loss of the tooth. The bacterium responsible for tooth decay is often a result of ingesting frequent sugared foods and sugary drinks. It is often compounded by improper brushing, lack of flossing and poor oral hygiene. Plaque causes on the teeth at all times. Plaque contains bacteria and if you don’t clean your teeth properly the bacteria in the plaque feeds on the sugar in the food and creates acid. This acid attacks the teeth and slowly eats away the tooth enamel thus resulting in the tooth decay.

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay – Children’s Dentist, North Potomac

Toothache is the most common symptom of decay. Dentists look for these cavities during a routing exam or if you schedule an appointment due to discomfort.

The initial check-up by a dentist involves a pointed tool and a small mirror. If they see he indication of decay or a cavity, you will be asked for the dental x-rays. Dental X-rays are for the teeth and mouth.

The treatment of tooth decay usually involves fillers in mild decay cases. Fillings could be metal, plastic or composite and are used to replace the decayed or broken portion of your tooth. For severe cases, the procedure gets more involved, like, a crown or a root canal. Crown covers the entire tooth above the gum line. It can be gold or composite and is used when fillings can’t help with the cavities. A root canal is the procedure to remove the infected portion of the tooth. If none of these procedures help the cavities, then tooth removal is the last option.

Prevention of tooth decay – Children’s Dentist, North Potomac

These preventive measures are good for kids and adults of all ages:

​*      Regular checkups with your dentist as soon as your child turns 1 yr old.

*      Balanced diet and control or limit on the sugared foods and drinks

*      Brushing routine of twice a day, supervise a growing kid and clean the teeth of younger children

*     In infants and kids on bottle, don’t let the bottle dangle in the mouth for longer periods after the feeding is done

*      Use fluoride for kids older than 2 yrs of age

With few simple rules and with children dentist North Potomac, you can keep the tooth decay away. For more information go to.

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