Say Goodbye to Paper Filing with Digital Imaging Services

Whether your business is large, medium, or small, you probably generate documents over the course of a day. As days grow to months, and months turn into years, organizing, filing, and archiving these documents is crucial to maintaining in-office productivity, meeting the needs of clients and customers, and complying with legal requirements.

Minnesota digital imaging services can solve your document management problem with advanced imaging solutions to organize, file, and archive your important business files.

Hiring a Document Is Good Business Sense

As document management is rarely part of the normal flow of business, a company’s filing system can quickly become disorganized, and the task of putting it back in order can grow unwieldy. Instead of trying to sort things out manually, which can lead to endless frustration and mistakes, hiring a Minnesota digital imaging services expert who knows how to manage your paper problem will save you time, money, and peace of mind.

How Digital Imaging Services Work

By implementing imaging software and hardware, Minnesota digital imaging services allow your employees to file, find, review, print, and share documents directly from their computer. Once the software and hardware are implemented, the document management process is quite simple.

First, your paper documents, and microfilm, if any, are scanned and converted into digital images. These images are indexed, and then transferred to a CD ROM, image server, or document retrieval system. Depending on your company needs, LAN, WAN, and internet document retrieval solutions are available.

No matter what retrieval solution you choose, making document management possible directly from the desktop eliminates the need for paper filing, photocopies, and countless hours spent searching for archived or interdepartmental files.