Saving Shipping Costs With A Solid Aluminum Block Order

Many different industries and companies use solid blocks of aluminum in their manufacturing and fabrication processes. Most companies also understand the cost involved in continuous orders of the solid aluminum block, so finding ways to help reduce those costs is always a top priority.

To help manage the costs of purchase and shipping, working with a distributor of the solid aluminum block that can communicate with the manufacturer is an ideal situation. This can often help to save considerably on shipping through one of the following cost-saving measures.

Location of Distributors

Many of the major aluminum production facilities work directly with distributors. These distributors are located across the United States, and some may also be located in Canada.

Depending on where your company is located, it may be possible to find a distributor that is closer to you than the one you are currently using. With a distributor that is closer, there will be lower freight costs, helping to save money with each order.

Bulk Ordering Considerations

For an Original Equipment Manufacturer or other business requiring a consistent supply of solid aluminum block, talking to the distributors around the scheduling of orders may also be important. There may be ways to tie in your need for the block with other aluminum products or changing your order schedule to take advantage of possible freight savings.

Value-Added Services

Another cost saving feature over shipping a solid block of aluminum is to have the block CNC machined, precision cut or otherwise processed directly at the aluminum producer. This eliminates the need to pay for freight on what will amount to waste material once it arrives at your location.

Nesting is a process that should also be considered. This allows for the parts to be precision machined to maximize use of the block and minimize waste by configuring the process and eliminating pre-cut material from your shipment.

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