Saving Money By Investing In A Tramp Oil Skimmer

In many types of applications, including in machining and in other types of processes, water or coolant is used to in the process, largely as a cooling agent or to flush out debris and material. Over time, and to use in equipment, this water or coolant can become contaminated with oil.

In any type of industrial manufacturing or in equipment such as cutting, machining, lathing, and metalworking, the contamination of the coolant system with oil from the equipment becomes a significant concern. This oil, which can be dispersed through the water in fine droplets or actually seen as a film across the surface of the reservoir or sump, can lead to bad odors, problems with coolant circulation and other issues.

The more tramp oil that is contained in the water or coolant, the less effective it is as a coolant. This creates a significant problem for machinery and industrial processes, reducing the cooling rate and increasing temperature on cutting tools and processes. This, in turn, ends up costing the company in replacement parts and components.

Tramp Oil Solutions

The most effective way to address the development of tramp oil in a coolant system is to use a tramp oil skimmer. This is a continual process that is used with the machine to circulate the coolant through the skimmer to remove the surface layer of oil droplets as well as those fine droplets within the coolant or water.

The tramp oil skimmer is ideally connected to the machine and used as the coolant is circulated. In addition to removing the surface and dispersed oil, these systems are also instrumental in removing suspended solids, including debris from machining processes, that extend the life of the coolant.

Longer lasting coolant means lower replacement costs, fewer disposal charges, and longer equipment life. Added together, the benefits of a tramp oil skimmer allows the system to pay for itself in a very short period of time.

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