Save Time And Money With A Floor Drain Odor Stopper

There are few things more frustrating or off-putting than walking into a room that is not used very often and noticing a smell lingering in the air. You know the one. It is a certain odor that doesn’t appear to originate from any specific area. The room itself may be clean, but there is still a stench in the air that is both intrusive and aggravating. In most cases, the floor drain is the most likely culprit for the source of this bad smell. For keeping any room fresh-smelling at all times, using a floor drain odor stopper is the best idea.

Why Use A Floor Drain Odor Stopper?

When rooms are in constant or almost constant use, the floor drains are usually flushed out fairly regularly. When the room has not been used for a while, and the drain has not been seen to, however, the water inside the drain evaporates. This leaves behind any residue and allows the odors to seep out into the air. A floor drain odor stopper lasts for a very long time and prevents the need to change out the drain’s trap primer or replenish it with more water frequently. All you have to do is pour about a gallon of water down each floor drain, then pour in approximately 3 ounces of the odor stopper. This thick liquid will sit on top of the water, preventing it from evaporating and keeping all odors sealed in.

How The Floor Drain Odor Stopper Can Help You Save

The floor drain odor stopper will save you a lot of time and money. No time needs to be taken to pour water down the drains in rooms that are only used occasionally. You also don’t need to have a plumber come clean out the drain, spending a lot of time and requiring a fee to be paid.