Save on Energy Costs and Beautify Your Home With New Windows

It isn’t a surprise to anyone that energy costs are rising. People who heated with oil during the past long, cold winter have reported that they spent much more than they had budgeted for. Even firewood costs have been rising. In some parts of the country, burning wood is now frowned upon. Since no one seems to have a money tree handy to fill in the budget gap, it becomes more important than ever to retain as much expensive heat as possible. Of course, the same holds true for air conditioning bills.

Probably everyone is aware of the necessity to prevent that pricey warm or cool air from leaking out of the home. At some point, however, the leaks have been stopped and not much else can be done to make an older window more energy-efficient. That is true for both old and newer homes. Eventually, many people start to think that replacing the windows and improving energy efficiency would be a better solution.

Dollar for dollar, replacing inefficient windows can be one of the better remodeling projects in terms of return on investment. Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report estimates that vinyl windows return almost 79% of their cost in value added to the price of the home. Direct savings come from increased energy efficiency. According to Money magazine, replacing windows generally saves between 5-10% on the energy bill. Some may save up to 25%. There are many variables involved, of course. Customers in northern states such as Ohio who are replacing old single-pane windows with new energy-efficient windows may find that their windows pay for themselves in as little as four years.

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