Save Money By Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Nassau County

When a person or family purchases an older home and begins the remodeling process, they often remove old floorings such as sheet vinyl or carpet and replace it with new flooring such as wood. But, if the old flooring being removed reveals an older solid wood floor, the homeowner may have a treasure. Old solid wood floors can look pretty tough but an expert floor refinisher such as Anthony’s World of Floors Inc. may be able to make them look great again. Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Nassau County is less expensive than replacing them.

Can This Wood Floor Be Saved?

Whether a wood floor can be refinished or repaired for further use depends on several factors.

• What are the homeowner’s expectations? An older wood floor will never look new because of its years of use. But, that wood floor can be sanded, restained, and refinished to become a beautiful floor with character. Some homeowners like the look of age.

• Is all the wood there? If a wood floor covers only part of the space with large areas removed and missing, it may not be saveable. There may be extra boards in the attic, garage, basement or closets that can be salvaged and patched into the existing wood floor. Once everything is sanded, restained, and finished the floor will match and look beautiful.

• What overall shape is the floor in? If stains and scratches are too deep to be sanded out, the floor may not be savable. If there is extensive fire or water damage, the planks may be cupped or warped beyond saving. Some floors are just too worn down to allow for sanding and refinishing. Other floors have all surface scratches and damage that will easily sand out. In this case, the floor can be sanded, stained, and finished to look attractive and be used for years longer.

• Some older wood floors were made of thinner material or veneer wood that is not a good candidate for refinishing.

• It will be up to the floor refinishing expert to examine all areas of the old wood floor to decide if it is a good candidate for refinishing.

Can This Small Area Of Damage Be Repaired?

Some wood floors are in good condition with the exception of small areas of damage. A company specializing in Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Nassau County can repair these floors. Click Here for more information.

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