Santa Monica: Info About Tongva Park

One reason people look at condominiums for sale in Santa Monica is the presence of many parks and other natural spaces. The city has around 20 parks available for public use. Some cater to those who enjoy a quiet walk in nature. Others are for those who enjoy sports and other activities. For those who want to be among the multitudes there is also the theme or amusement park, Pacific Park. It, too offers a chance to look at nature with its setting by and on the Pacific Ocean. Yet, the most recent park captures the imagination and provides visitors and residence alike with the feeling this is truly a unique creation.

Tongva Park

Tongva Park on Ocean Avenue and Main Street is truly a distinctive park within the boundaries of the city. Names for the original inhabitants of the area, the Tongva Tribe, it features various gardens and spectacular views. Opening in 2013, it received a significant amount of attention for its very different approach to the concept of a park.


The park consists of four distinctive areas. These are:

1. Garden Hill
2. Discovery Hill
3. Observation Hill
4. Gathering Hill

Each has a distinct fell as well as topography and appeal.

Garden Hill

This section of the park is best known for its trees including the Three Amigos (3 relocated Ficus trees) and Morty the Morten Bay Fig Tree. Morty spreads over the area. He is, after all, more than a century old.

Discovery Hill

Strictly for kids who want to use their imagination, Discovery Hill features slides for children. It is also home to a music hall.

Observation Hill

For those who are wondering about the view from one of the luxury condominiums for sale in Santa Monica, climb to this spot. Sit on one of the two elevated viewing decks. From here, you can look over the Pier and the Pacific Ocean. The entire deck is wrapped in metal sculpture surrounding the wooden decks that contain the viewers completing the picture.

Gathering Hill

This is the most open of the four districts of the park. It has open grassy spaces to accommodate gatherings. It features an amphitheater for performances. Be sure to stop and admire the sculpture “Weather Field #2” by Manglano-Oval.

The unique character of this park stands out. It is an attraction like no other in the city. This park stands apart, yet incorporates element of its urban setting. For some, it is why considering purchasing one of the few condominiums for sale in Santa Monica makes perfect sense.

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