Sand Blasting in New Haven: An Essential Part of Memorial Creation

At one time, gravestones were basically curved slaps with a few lines of text hand-carved into them. They were not especially pretty and tended to become unreadable over time. Today experts like Shelley Brothers Monuments combine centuries-old craftsmanship with technology, to create durable works of art. Thanks to techniques like computer design and Sand Blasting in New Haven, even the simplest marker can be elegant and finely detailed.

Fine Memorials Begin With Sensitive Questions

Modern gravestones are often personalized in such detail that cemetery visitors get a feel for the lives they represent. That kind of customization is possible because compassionate professionals take the time to listen to clients’ input. For instance, when families contact Shelley Brothers Monuments CT staff members offer a range of solutions to fit their feelings, tastes, budgets and cemetery requirements. Memorial experts work closely with local burial grounds and know which ones restrict memorials to markers and which allow any type of monuments. However, even the simplest marker they offer can be created from the finest stones and engraved precisely.

Technology and Craftsmanship Result in Art

Although the sculptures on headstones are often still hand carved, many elegant details are created using computer graphics and Sand Blasting in New Haven. Once designers know the basic sizes and types of monuments that clients want, they offer them stone choices. Memorials are usually made from granite or marble, and both can be ordered in a range of colors that include rose, mahogany, black, and gray. Designers also provide a variety of contours, fonts, and accents. They use computer graphics to create models which are easily changed until customers get the results they want. Professionals work with clients and guide their choices until gravestones become art.

Technicians Turn Designs Into Reality

A majority of gravestones are created when computer designs are turned into stencils that are eventually sand-blasted into stone. The process etches words and emblems into stones which are then polished and finished. Sculptures, vases, and any other accents are then added. Many companies will also travel to cemeteries and use portable equipment to clean and restore older stones.

The finest memorial builders today combine traditional craftsmanship with technology. Precise computer design systems and sand blasting techniques allow them to create virtually any gravestone clients can imagine. Many companies also use similar methods to restore original grave markers.