Salsa Styles You Can Learn From Salsa Dance Classes in Miami, FL

by | May 15, 2023 | Dance School

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Salsa is one of the leading dance styles people can use on different occasions. Salsa is usually fairly easy to learn, especially with good salsa classes. However, the ease of learning depends on how much effort you put in, how many lessons you take, and the salsa dance style you learn.

While the music people dance to is very similar, you need many salsa classes in Miami, FL to learn the different styles.

New York Style (Salsa On 2)

Also known as linear or linea, dancers perform this style in a line or the slot. That is similar to the West Coast Swing or Hustle, which heavily influenced this salsa style. It is also called salsa on 2 because the break step happens on the music’s second beat.

La Style (Salsa On 1)

This is the most popular style many learn when attending salsa dance classes in Miami, FL. Dancers also dance in a line but break on the music’s first break.

Cuban Salsa (Salsa Cubana)

Unlike the previous styles, dancers in this style dance in a circular motion resembling the East Coast Swing. It mostly danced to the ‘Timba’ music genre and involved a lot of movements and hand tricks.

Salsa Rueda (Rueda De Casino)

A group of couples, instead of individuals, dance together in a big circle. A leader usually dictates what dance moves the couples will do, similar to those from Cuban salsa, but it also includes intricate turn patterns and partner switches.

Colombian Salsa (Salsa Calena)

This is the rarest salsa style taught in many salsa classes in Miami, FL. Like Cuban salsa, dancers dance in a circle, but this style involves quick knee movements, footwork, lifts, and acrobatics.

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