Safety Precautions if your sewer backs up

by | Nov 9, 2013 | Plumbing

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Sewers are not something most home owners give much thought to when it comes to their home’s care. The Sewer Cleaning Nassau County home owners use is not always on the top of to do lists for most people. However, sewers can cause a lot of damage and in some cases without the proper care can back up, flooding your basement. Here is what you should do if your sewer backs up.

Be Safe

If you go down to your basement and discover a flood the first thing to do is be safe. Remember that your basement is riddled with electrical outlets and the danger of electrical shock is present when water and electricity mix. If the water has not yet risen above the baseboards and you can safely see it is not in contact with any baseboard heaters and outlets put on some rubber boots and turn off the hydro right away. Although the water may have reached its highest point there is no way of knowing this. DO NOT turnoff the electricity if you are standing in water. Instead stand on a wooden stool and use a wooden broom handle or piece of wood to switch the power off. If you cannot do this safely call the hydro company immediately and let them know you have an emergency situation and require your electricity be shut down. Turning off the electricity immediately will avoid the chances of a family member being shocked. There is also danger if you have a gas-fired furnace or water heater so you must also call your gas service to ask for assistance.

Discover the Source

Once you know the danger of shock has been taken care of search your house for clogs. If you see it is due to a clogged sink or toilet remove the clog yourself if possible to stop the water from rising in the basement. If there does not seem to be an obvious clog you can clear, call the city and let them know you have an issue. You can also call an emergency plumbing service or sewer cleaning Nassau County uses to assist with the clean up.

Having a sewer cleaning Nassau County home owners use can help you avoid many sewer back up situations.

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