Safety Laws Violated that Resulted in an Accident? How a Lawyer Can Help

The construction industry is a high-risk area for a person to work in and provide a dangerous environment for anyone that is in or on the site. Ladder accidents, unstable scaffolds, falling objects, or defective equipment are factors that can contribute to a worker being injured while working on a construction site. To ensure employees are working in a safe environment Sections 240 and 241 in the labor laws were established to help prevent anyone from being injured on the job. However, if these laws are violated it can leave the workers exposed to an accident that can temporarily or permanently injure them. A construction accident lawyer can help determine if any safety laws were violated and who is responsible for the victim’s injuries.

Safety Measures that Should be Instated

  • Scaffolding and ladders should be secured to prevent them collapsing beneath the worker that can lead to injuries sustained by a fall.
  • Employees should be required to wear protection while working to prevent injuries such as hard hats or work goggles.
  • Each employee should be trained in general safety practices to reduce the chance of an accident from occurring.
  • An employee should know exactly how to handle the equipment required to perform their job to prevent them or other employees from being injured by heavy equipment and tools.
  • Any potential safety risk that is found on the job site should be corrected before allowing employees to work in the area to reduce the chance of someone being injured.

Gain the Investigative Skills of an Attorney

When an accident occurs, it is important to preserve all evidence on how the incident occurred. This can be difficult for the injured party to do when they are recovering from their injuries, unconscious from the accident, or lost their life due to the incident. Fortunately, a construction accident lawyer can help recover the all vital evidence and have access to experts that can support their clients claim. Whether you or a loved one has been injured in a work-related accident, it is imperative to contact an attorney immediately to prevent any evidence from being destroyed intentionally or accidently.

Secure Your Claim by Contacting a Lawyer Today

Any delay in consulting with an attorney can risk the chance of an error being made that can jeopardize the victims claim. By contacting Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., their team of attorneys can review the case for you and determine the type of claim that you have for free. Once you select to hire their firm, they start by collecting all critical information that can support your claim.