Safely Clean That Expensive Carpeting With Dry Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe NM

There are various ways to cover a floor, but the use of carpet is preferred by many property owners. Carpeting offers may color and can change the appearance of almost any space. However, this type of flooring can be difficult to clean thoroughly, and the problem only gets worse over time. A vacuum can only remove so much dirt and it rarely has any effect on wet spots or stains. This can be a real problem for pet owners because animal odors collect in the carpet fibers and any materials that hold those fibers together. One way of eliminating these concerns is Dry Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe NM.

The two most common methods of cleaning carpets is steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Unfortunately, steam cleaning methods leave the carpet wet and this moisture attracts dirt more quickly. Dry cleaning avoids this with the use of chemicals that are easily removed from the carpet fibers. Dry cleaning is actually a misleading name because the system still uses small amounts of water. However, the term steam cleaning is also misleading because the carpets are not cleaned by steam. In fact, steam cleaning uses heated water and the delivery system may push some dirt further into the carpet fibers.

Any deep cleaning system for carpets uses some type of chemical for removing dirt and stains. Dry Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe NM typically uses small amounts of cleaning agents that loosen the dirt so it can be vacuumed away. For people with allergies to certain chemicals, there are alternative mixtures available. Frequent carpet cleaning is recommended for any home, but those houses where pets reside may need the carpet cleaned more often. This is especially true if the animal spends some time outdoors because they can track dirt and pollen into the home. Carpets also collect animal dander and this can affect allergies as well.

Regular vacuuming can help keep that expensive carpeting clean, but it does not remove all the dirt. Floors that get a lot of traffic will end up with excessive dirt at the base of the carpet fibers. This can make the carpeting appear dull, but it also wears the fibers down. Learn more about carpet care and cleaning from the professionals at

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