Safeguard You Investment with Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Food service industries continue to generate billions in annual revenue within the U.S. Food service facilities are part of hospitals, shopping malls, retirement centers, college campuses and stand alone establishments. As much as this industry works to keep up with customer demand, food service facilities change hands on a regular basis. If your business uses leased space, you understand the costs associated with getting your kitchen operational and meeting local health codes.

Protect Around the Edges
Metal fabricators provides custom corner guards in stainless steel and aluminum to protect your kitchen equipment, improve employee safety and other kitchen hazards. Today’s kitchens are equipped with grease hoods and gas and water pipes. Stainless steel or aluminum corner guards protect high traffic corner walls, counters, cabinetry and expensive commercial kitchen equipment. Moving kitchen and cooking equipment through narrow hallways and around tight corners requires an investment in fabricating aluminum or stainless steel corner guards.

Award Winning Residential Kitchen
As residential homes continue to look for commercial grade kitchens more and more, construction projects include these traditional custom trims for medium to high impact areas in the home. Metal fabricators produce standard, in-stock stainless steel corner guards with 90 degree angles, brushed or polished finishes, flange or straight, 16 or 18 gauge and in a range of lengths. If your kitchen project requires custom sizing, there are suppliers that provide them in stainless steel, aluminum or vinyl. Aluminum in particular is quite corrosion resistant and can handle the commercial cleaning products necessary to maintain a healthy kitchen.

Trim the Costs with Aluminum
Aluminum corner guards are ideal for any commercial environment or high-tech establishment. Many corner guards come in standard lengths with a variety of finishes including anodized black, etched and anodized satin clear, or anodized bronze. When it’s time to bid on your next construction or remodeling project, consider identifying a supplier that has the experience and keeps an inventory of more standard sizes.

The right company will work with your business to provide a contemporary or traditional look and feel with aluminum or stainless steel corner guards. These products are a cost effective and durable solution to trim any kitchen.

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