Safe Equipment Used by a Professional Painter in Torrance to Work on Multi-Story Homes

One main problem with tackling one’s own exterior home painting is having to do some of the work at a significant height from the ground, especially with a multi-story house. Many homeowners don’t have the equipment that a professional painter in Torrance does to complete this project in an entirely safe manner. It typically seems pointless to buy a scaffold or a 21-ft. step ladder when that equipment would rarely be used.

Stable Equipment

Using an extension ladder to paint an upper story isn’t the safest strategy, although it’s common to see people doing this. Unsafe ladder practices send many people to the emergency room every year. In contrast, a professional painter in Torrance has learned to implement good ladder safety methods to prevent accidents.

That includes avoiding the use of extension ladders for the most part and choosing A-frame step ladders and scaffolds instead. With at least four legs on the ground instead of just two, the equipment is significantly more stable. Because the top is not propped against a building, it does not have the same risk of sliding down the way that an extension ladder can do on an uneven or somewhat soft surface. Step ladders have horizontal safety bars that lock into place and prevent the ladder from collapsing while someone stands on it.

Unwieldy Extension Ladders

Another problem with using an extension ladder to paint a home with two or more stories is it must extend to 32 or 40 ft. Even the lightweight aluminum extension ladders can be unwieldy at this size, generally requiring two people to maneuver them.

The Safety Guide

When using a ladder, the safety guide is to always maintain three points of contact. That usually is both feet and one hand, while the other hand does the work. A paint can holder attached to the step ladder and the fold-out panel to hold a paint tray make the work much easier.

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