Safe and Secure in Business or at Home

The ideal way to ensure feelings of safety and security in your business or home is to rely on professionals to design a plan specific to your needs.

Businesses have a duty to provide safe workplaces for employees and may also be required to comply with federal, state, county and municipal safety regulations.

For businesses, the best option is to consider professional services who outline business needs in conjunction with the indoor and outdoor premises. In addition, it is important for the commercial service to be highly trained and knowledgeable about safety compliance regulations.

Feel Safe at Home
Nothing is more unsettling for occupants than uncertainty about a home’s safety. First Alert is a leader in residential safety designs, plans and equipment. First Alert is a full service safety provider who will inspect your residence and determine which safety equipment is needed. They will report their findings to homeowners and provide installations.

First Alert, Safety First
First Alert will provide a full range of safety equipment. This includes:
. Fire extinguishers
. Smoke alarms
. Carbon monoxide detectors
. Water alarms
. Escape ladders
. Fire proof gun safes
. Wi-Fi thermostats
. Motion detectors

These are only a few of the types of safety products available to you for your home or business.

Why is a Gun Safe Important?
Whether you own a home or a business, want to protect your valuables, family, employees or premises, gun owners want maximum security for storing their guns and ammunition when not in use.

Don’t forget securing your guns may be a requirement of your home or business liability insurance policy.

First Alert offers fire proof gun safes in several sizes for pistols or handguns. Discuss your specific gun safe needs to determine the best size and level of convenience.

For more information or to shop today at First Alert for safety services and equipment, visit or phone at 123-456-6789.

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