Safe and Secure: Home Access Control Brandon

How secure is your home? When we ask ourselves that question we start to think about whether the security steps we have taken are enough to keep our home safe. This is one place where an ounce of prevention is definitely better than the cure. Today, home security depends on planning and preparation. When your home is monitored with a security and alarm system, you give yourself a sense of empowerment that is priceless.

A good home alarm system detects home intrusion, fire, burglary, and the presence of carbon monoxide or gas. The alarm that goes off may consist of various elements of noise and light. The alert may sound as a very loud beep, and in some cases, may accompanied by bright strobe “disco” lights. It may also sound an alarm when doors or windows are opened.

Fire alarms fall into three different types: smoke alarms, flame alarms and heat alarms. Safety alarms are a separate type of alarm that include thermostats for detecting very high temperatures. Your system may also have water sensors for flooding. When it comes to burglar alarms, there are two basic types, one that monitors the forced entry of an intruder, and one that sets off an alarm if the intruder is inside the house. The first monitors for opening windows or doors or other unexpected movement around the house. The second alarm sets off a loud alarm once the intruder is actually inside the house. The premise is that noise will frighten most intruders away.

So, the questions you need to ask yourself are: What areas of home security do you wish to place focus on? This will be your starting point for your system. What areas do you want to have monitored? Do you want a motion-detection system? Do you want to have the system alert a security firm or the police if an alarm is detected? Do you want to work with an outside firm who can manage repairs and updates?

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