Roofing Repair Versus Roofing Replacement in Rochester MN: Which One is Necessary?

A damaged roof is something many homeowners dread. After all, a Roofing Replacement in Rochester MN is going to be incredibly expensive. Yet, it is something the homeowner will need to consider at some point. There are a few things they’ll need to think about if they’re trying to determine if roofing repair or replacement is better for their home.

The Amount of Damage to the Roof and Home

Severely damaged roofs will need to be replaced. Minor damage, however, can typically be repaired. If there is significant damage to the subroof or to the inside of the home due to the damage to the roof, it’s more likely the damage to the roof is severe enough a replacement will be necessary. These parts will need to be replaced, which means removing and replacing the roof as well.

The Type of Roofing on the Home

Shingles are the most common type of roofing material and can often be repaired by replacing just the damaged shingles. However, there are other types of residential roofing materials used and, depending on the type of roof and where the damage is, this could be the difference between an easy repair and a more extensive replacement.

The Age of the Roofing

Roofs only last for so long before they start to need repairs more and more often. A shingled roof, for example, will last around 20 years. At this point, it will need to be repaired fairly frequently, and, at some point, it will make more financial sense to simply replace the outdated roof with a new roof that will not require repairs again for some time. If the roof is close to its end-of-life or if it’s far past the lifespan for that type of roof, the homeowner will want to strongly consider a replacement.

The number one way to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary is to contact an expert. Talk to a professional about Roofing Replacement in Rochester MN today to have your home’s roof examined and to find out if a repair or replacement is going to be better for your home. To learn more or to contact a professional now, visit the website for Steve Gentry Construction.