Roofing material options

A roof is one of the most vital parts of a house and provides security from intruders, shelter from the elements and sometimes even a unique design feature. A lot of thought and care goes into the installation of a new roof as mistakes can mean that the roof is insecure and/or allows rain water to enter the property. More time and money is then spent rectifying the issues which would not have been present if the project was carried out in a professional manner in the first place. Homeowners wishing to learn more about felt roofing in Newcastle Under Lyme should contact a specialist roofing company for further information.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs are often found on house in the UK as they are pleasing to the eye whilst still providing excellent protection from the elements. They can only really be used on an angled roof that has a definite pitch as they are not 100% waterproof. The manner in which tile roofs are laid is of great importance. The tiles from the top of the roof must overlap the ones going down to ensure a watertight barrier is created. The building of such a roof is done in reverse with the tiles at the bottom of the roof laid first.

Felt roofs

Felt roofs are not commonly found on houses but do adorn numerous out buildings like sheds and garages. They are a cheap alternative to tiles and their weight means that they are ideal for small buildings with even wooden frames like sheds. Moreover, they do not need to be fitted by a roofing expert and many DIY homeowners choose to lay felt roofs themselves. Any company specialising in felt roofing in Newcastle Under Lyme will be able to provide help and support to anyone thinking of fitting a new roof.

Metal roofing sheets

Metal roofing sheets are another alternative for roofs on houses. They are perhaps not as nice to look at as a tile roof for example but provide excellent protection from the elements and are relatively easy to install. Metal roofing sheets come in a wide variety of colours and so offer the homeowner a number of different options when making a decision. They are hard-wearing and do not suffering from minor cracks like tile roofs can.
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