Roofing in Green Valley, AZ: 3 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Felt Roof

Felt is one of the most popular materials used for flat roofs. To have an easy time with an installed felt roof, you have to be keen about the maintenance services that you give it. There are three maintenance tips that will not only increase the lifespan of your felt roof, but also save you money you could have used on roof repairs and replacements. Below are these three secrets of superior quality roofing in Green Valley, AZ.

Prevent surface damage at all costs

You should try as much as you can to avoid placing heavy equipment on your roof. You should also avoid using the roof as a base to carry out parapet repairs. When you use the roof for heavy duty operations, you end up creating cracks on the flashing, something that results in water leaks. If anyone needs to make any contact with the roof, they should lay 18mm timber boards over the felt roof to protect it from damages.

Inspecting the roof after storms

After heavy storms, you should always check the roof. This will help you ascertain that there is no water stagnating and that the gutters and all other components of the roof are draining water in a proper manner. In case there are weaknesses in the flashing or the roof membrane, water will start leaking into the attic. Check the insides of the roof to make sure that there are no telltale signs of leakages. You can undertake annual checks on the roof in addition to the regular checks after storms. The checks should be done bi-annually, preferably in spring and autumn to fix any weaknesses that could be developing.

Timely repairs and replacement

Even with the best maintenance, felt roofs will at one point reach the end of their lifespan. When this happens, you will have to get an expert to assess the condition of the roof and decide whether a replacement will do the roof good or you have to replace it.

Those are the 3 secrets that will help you keep your roofing in Green Valley, AZ in perfect condition.

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