Roofers in Puyallup WA – An Explanation of Residential Roofing Materials

Almost every homeowner will eventually face the issue of roof replacement whether it needs to be replaced or you want to upgrade for a home remodeling project. Different types of roofing materials provide various levels of protection and durability for your structure. It is important for you to have a basic understanding of the various types of roofing materials before you hire roofers in Puyallup, WA for installation.

1. Asphalt shingles – Asphalt shingle roofing is the most commonly used roofing material. It is the least expensive roofing material and provides a good value. Asphalt shingles can last for up to 30 years or more if given the proper care and maintenance.

2. Cedar shingles – Cedar shingles, also referred to as wood shakes, are made from western red cedar. Cedar shake offers a natural aesthetic beauty to your home. This roofing material is one of the most expensive of materials.

3. Metal – Metal roofing, while more expensive than asphalt, comes in a variety of colors and provides a fire resistant and low-maintenance solution for your structure that lasts a lifetime. Most quality roofers in Puyallup, WA offer metal roof installation.

4. Fiberglass shingles – Fiberglass shingles have a two-layer construction made from glass fibers and is usually coated with an asphalt-based waterproof coating. Fiberglass roofing can last up to 70 years and can be customized to suit your tastes.

5. Slate – Slate roofing is known for its long-lasting durability. It is probably the most expensive form of roofing, but can last for centuries. It is harder to install and requires special handling due to the fact that it can break into pieces if the contractor does not know how to work with it.

6. Clay tiles – Clay tiles are resistant to mold and many insects. Clay is also fire resistant and is not prone to decay. This roofing is most commonly used for special architectural designed houses like Spanish, Southwestern, or Italian designs. It is also very expensive, but long-lasting.

These are the common forms of residential roofing you can expect from your local roofing contractor. When you are choosing your roofing material consider your home improvement budget, color, personal style, and the length of installation. When you are choosing good roofers in Puyallup, WA, consider DLP Roofing, Inc where you can expect quality and dedicated services, workmanship, and products.


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